Here's E-Sign Series: How To Ace That Client Interview

September 7, 2023 by
RJ Gumban

Hey there, future superstar! 😎 Stressed about that upcoming client interview? Trust us, you're not alone. The pre-interview jitters are real, but you know what? We've got something that'll make your life a whole lot easier—ever heard of E-Sign technology?

No? Well, sit tight because it's about to become your unexpected lifesaver.

Whether connecting over Zoom or going old-school with a face-to-face meeting, E-Sign tech is like that wingman who silently but efficiently boosts your confidence. Seriously, this is the stuff that takes you from zero to hero in the client's eyes.

Thanks to UNAWA's expertise, we'll guide you through the whole shebang—from that nerve-wracking first impression to sealing the deal with flying colors.

Why Client Interviews Are a Make-or-Break Moment

​Alright, fam, let's talk real for a second. 🤔 Ever heard the saying, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression?" Yeah, that's not just a cute Insta-quote; it's hardcore facts. According to a study by Harvard University (yeah, we're going Ivy League here), people form impressions within a mere seven seconds of meeting you. Seven. Seconds. 😲

So, every little thing counts in making you memorable, whether it's your power suit, smile, or ultra-professional Zoom background (no more virtual beaches, people!).

But you know what else can make or break that first impression? How smooth and streamlined your process is. Fumbling around with paperwork? Not cute. That's where SignSecure comes in clutch.

You need to focus on nailing your pitch and being the charming professional that you are. SignSecure from UNAWA offers the convenience of secure and fast document signing, so you can spend those crucial first seven seconds doing what you do best: dazzling your future client. 

Say Hello to Your New BFF: E-Sign

Alright, we talked about how those seven seconds could make or break your future with a client. So now, let us introduce you to someone (or something?) that'll have your back—E-Sign technology. This is more than just a techy way to get those contracts signed.

Think of E-Sign as your ultimate wingman for ALL your essential documents—agreements, NDAs, proposals, you name it.

Picture this: Mark, a remote freelancer like you, used to sweat bullets whenever he had to manage documents during an interview. "Did I email the contract? Is it secure? Will they get it on time?"

But ever since he started using SignSecure by UNAWA, he's been acing interviews like a pro, leaving no room for human error, missed deadlines, or security mishaps.

Why? Because while Mark is busy impressing the client with his charm and mad skills, SignSecure takes care of the paperwork securely and quickly.

So, by the time Mark goes in for the 'virtual handshake,' everything is already in place. It's like having a personal assistant without the extra cost.

Pre-Interview Preparations—Level Up!

So you've got E-Sign as your wingman—awesome sauce! 🎉 But let's back it up a sec. Before you go conquering client interviews, there's some pre-game work to do. Here's a quick rundown:

  1. Do Your Homework: No, we're not talking algebra; we're discussing researching your client. Google them like they're a hot celeb you just heard of.

  2. Dress to Impress: Yes, even for Zoom meetings. The top half is a must; the bottom half is your call (but don't stand up!).

  3. Tech Check: Make sure your camera, mic, and WiFi are all in sync and working well. You don't want to be "that person" with tech issues.

  4. Documents Ready: Have contracts, portfolios, and presentations prepared and ready to go. This is where SignSecure shines for remote workers like you. Say goodbye to the clutter of email attachments or dodgy cloud links. Just upload your documents and share a secure link in seconds. It's like having a virtual briefcase you can open anytime, anywhere!

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  5. Practice, Practice, Practice: Run through common questions you might be asked. Have answers ready but not so rehearsed you sound like a robot.

See how easy SignSecure makes that fourth point? No more shuffling through emails or worrying about document security. It's all there, ready for your grand reveal.

The Interview Itself: Time to Shine!

Alright, champs, you've done your prep, and you're all set to dazzle. The clock's ticking, and it's "go time!" But how do you ensure you're not just another face on a screen? Listen up.

  1. Body Language is Key: You might be virtual but still visible. Sit up straight, smile, and, for heaven's sake, maintain eye contact through the screen. It sends the message: "Hey, I'm totally into this conversation."

  2. Engage, Don't Lecture: Asking questions isn't just for the interviewer. Ask about their goals and challenges, and drop a casual (but insightful) idea here and there. Show you're more than a yes-man—you're a solutions-man (or woman, or person).

  3. The Perfect Pitch: When it's your turn to lay down what you bring to the table, make it snappy, memorable, and hyper-relevant to your client's needs.

So, where does SignSecure come into play? Imagine you're in the middle of your pitch, and the client asks for real-time proposal changes. While others fumble with downloads and uploads, you make those adjustments on the fly and resend a new secure link—all without leaving the video call. Boom! You've just shown you're a pro who can adapt at the speed of business.

Nailing the Follow-Up

Okay, the interview’s over. You've logged off, you've exhaled, but hold up! You're not done yet. The post-interview follow-up can be the cherry on top of your impression sundae or the wrench in your well-oiled machine. Let’s make sure it’s the former.

  1. Send a Thank You Note: The classic but crucial. A timely, thoughtful email isn't just polite; it's another chance to stand out. Recap a high point of the interview and reiterate your excitement.

  2. Revisit Any Open Questions: Did you have an "I should've said that!" moment? The follow-up is your chance for a mulligan. Address anything left hanging or clarify points that could have landed better.

  3. Set a Timeline: Keep the ball rolling by politely asking about the next steps. It's assertive, not aggressive—a big difference.

Now, how can SignSecure elevate your follow-up game? Easy. Let’s say you’re sending that all-important follow-up contract, NDA, or project brief. You want it to arrive promptly and, most importantly, securely—especially crucial if you're dealing with overseas employers keen on data security.

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SignSecure takes the stress out of this by ensuring your documents are securely signed and tracked. You'll know exactly when your document is opened and signed, giving you the upper hand in any "So, what's next?" conversations.

Common Pitfalls and How to Dodge 'Em

Nailed the follow-up? Boom! You're almost there. But let's talk about those pesky interview landmines that can blow up your chances faster than you can say, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

Over-Prepared Speeches

We get it; you're nervous. But reciting your resume like you're auditioning for a telenovela? Not a good look.

The Fix: Focus on engaging dialogue rather than monologues. Be present, not rehearsed.

Lack of Prepared Materials

You waltz into the (virtual) room, and they ask for your portfolio, references, or a project proposal. You freeze.

The Fix: Keep your essential docs in one safe, easily accessible place. Which is where SignSecure swoops in. Instantly share a secure link to your docs, giving your interviewers access to everything they want without navigating away from the call.

Fumbling with Tech

Ever tried to share a doc, and then, whoops, you shared your whole screen, embarrassing Google searches and all?

The Fix: Know your tech, and make sure it knows you. With SignSecure, you can share your contract or proposal in real time, make changes on the fly, and sign it right there. All without stopping, sharing screens, or asking, "Can you see my cursor?"

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We're not saying SignSecure is the superhero cape you've always needed, but hey, even Superman had backup. It's your secret weapon to dodge these pitfalls and keep the interview sailing smoothly. '


From tripping over your words to falling flat on tech, client interviews can be nerve-wracking obstacle courses. But we've got your back, Kababayan! With UNAWA's SignSecure as your secret weapon, you're set to conquer. Let's not forget our silent but incredibly powerful wingman in this journey—E-Sign tech.

When navigating the choppy waters of client interviews, especially in a remote work setting here in the Philippines, you need all the help you can get. That's where UNAWA's SignSecure leaps in. It’s like having a PA, bodyguard, and tech guru all in one, without the hefty price tag. Need to share docs in real-time? Done. Require an airtight contract ASAP? Sorted.

Elevate your client interview game with SignSecure's unmatched security and convenience, courtesy of UNAWA. Because why just pass when you can ace?

RJ Gumban September 7, 2023
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