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Regtech startup UNAWA will be holding its third free webinar on Thursday, April 30, 5 PM–6 PM. Titled “Navigating the New Normal: Employee Welfare in a Remote Work Environment,” the webinar will tackle key issues that SMEs should consider as they prepare plans for resuming operations post-Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). A key concern here is how to prepare organizations for remote work, which is now quickly becoming the new reality for many businesses.

“UNAWA believes it is necessary to engage in this conversation of a ‘new normal’ not only as the general theme of our webinars but particularly as employers consider actual operations,” said Atty. Mona Dimalanta, CEO of UNAWA. “As many of our fellow businesses are still getting used to having most, if not their entire team, working from home, we hope this webinar helps them identify the questions they need to ask to know how extensively they can adopt and integrate remote working arrangements into their everyday operations.”

Highlighting Employee Concerns
UNAWA’s third webinar will also serve as its Labor Day Special, shifting the focus slightly from the industry level to the employee level. It will highlight topics that not only concern employees’ current working arrangements but also how these arrangements can be better implemented to promote employees’ welfare while helping the business move forward in the new normal.

Starting off the panel discussion is Suzy Roxas, a life and career strategist specializing in Cognitive Therapy, Leadership, Trauma Recovery, and others. She will discuss what this “new normal” will mean for organizations and employees, and how leaders can help their teams cope with work from home arrangements, prevent burnout, and also manage any trauma arising from these abrupt and drastic shifts.

Meanwhile, Atty. Regina Jacinto-Barrientos, Managing Partner of leading local law firm and UNAWA’s partner, PJS Law, will share information about how the Philippine government is supporting employee welfare through updated labor guidelines, and will also offer insights on how companies can map out their “re-entry” strategies after the lifting of the ECQ.

Sharing best practices from their respective industries are Gabby Dizon, Founder and CEO of game developer Altitude Games, who will reveal how his team created an optimal remote working arrangement for their employees; and Emma Guevarra, People Director at TaskUs, who will talk about the company’s “frontline-first culture” and how this translates to our current environment.

“From our previous webinars, our panelists would usually bring up this reminder that businesses should start thinking about their re-entry strategies as early as now: if you wait for when the ECQ is lifted to prepare re-entry plans, that would be too late,” added Dimalanta. “This webinar will help entrepreneurs build their strategies and make sure that their businesses are ready to open on Day 1, post-ECQ.”

Simplifying the New Normal
“Employee Welfare in a Remote Work Environment” continues UNAWA’s series of webinars titled Navigating the New Normal, which focuses on different business verticals that have been affected by the ECQ. The preceding webinar talked about revenue-generating opportunities amid the lockdown, while succeeding webinars will spotlight various other topics to make sure all bases are covered.

Here is the tentative schedule of UNAWA’s webinars for the month of May:

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January 31, 2022
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